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Joyce Short is an innovator and staunch advocate for public safety as a human right and a civil right. She has lived in the 76th Assembly District for over 50 years, both on the Upper Eastside and Roosevelt Island.

As a community activist Joyce has been at the forefront of every major developmental battle for Roosevelt Island, a community of approximately 14,000 people, run by the State of NY. As the long standing Government Relations Chair for the community’s residents, she dealt with every political issue affecting public safety, crime, quality of life, and real estate development. She is no stranger to NY State politics and is highly respected by the elected members of the Democratic party.

Joyce’s professional background includes executive positions in finance, real estate, and human resources.

In her semi-retirement, she devotes countless hours to developing children’s character through athletics. She is a Sr. Site Director and District Developer for NY Jr. Tennis and Learning (NYJTL), opening and managing free tennis sites across NYC including Wagner Middle School and Roosevelt Island in the 76th AD. Her outreach has enabled thousands of children to enhance their life skills and has provided an educational track, including college scholarships, for many!

In addition, Joyce has authored three books on Sexual Assault, two of which are 5 star rated on Amazon, and she is the Founder and CEO of the Consent Awareness Network (CAN), a coalition which works with legislators across the nation and around the world to conquer sexual assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence. Her coalition is backed by survivors of high-profile cases such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, NXIVM, and more.

She advocates for sexual assault survivors and has succeeded in influencing the introduction of two bills that are currently pending in Albany.


Joyce was elected to 8 2-year terms on the Roosevelt Island Residents Association Common Council. she served as:

  • Common Council Secretary
  • Chairwoman of the Government Relations Committee
  • Chairwoman of the Elections Committee

Joyce was a founding member of the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) which represented the community’s needs in the ULURP process which addressed the construction of Cornell Tech.

As the President of her building’s residents association, Joyce successfully fought for fair housing, sparing 1,003 families from the hardship of sub-metering their poorly insulated homes, ill-equipped with antiquated electric baseboard heaters and broken thermostats.

Joyce was honored as a “Woman of Distinction” by the NY State Assembly and was awarded with a “Citation” by the City Council of New York City.

Joyce’s book, “Your Consent – The Key to Conquering Sexual Assault” has led legislators to introduce new laws on consent, including bills #A6540A, Authored by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright and #S6200A, authored by Senator James Sanders Jr., “Defining Consent,” which are currently pending in Albany.

Joyce is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Consent Awareness Network (CAN), a federal Super PAC aimed at conquering sexual assault, sex trafficking and domestic violence. She is a TEDx Talk Presenter on the subject of consent.

Top row: Susan Prout, Joyce Short, Nina Lucas. Bottom row: Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, Andrea Constand

Her efforts to #CodifyConsent have been supported by survivors of high profile #MeToo era cases such as Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, NXIVM, Marilyn Manson, Russell Simmons and more.

Consent is a human right. It not only impacts our decision making process over sexual contact, but also over our reproductive rights. Every woman must have the right to freely give knowledgeable and informed agreement, #FGKIA, and must have the capacity to reason when doing so….. but this concept is not supported by our laws. We need change! Our law makers must #CodifyConsent into our penal code.

The failure of our laws to recognize this basic human right as a civil right enables rape, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence, and flies in the face of the bodily autonomy every woman deserves over her reproductive organs.

Whether or not she decides to carry a pregnancy to term should not be controlled by any government. Safe, affordable, and available medical procedures, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, are a must in a civil society!

Please help pass NY State Bills #A6540A and #S6200A by signing this petition.

Proud to stand up for Roe v. Wade in the 6/25/22 rally at Carl Schurz Park
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Joyce has served as a Site Director and District Developer for New York Junior Tennis and Learning (NYJTL) for 30+ years. Her Roosevelt Island site is one of the largest, year round, absolutely free, programs offered by NYJTL -topping 400 participants in individual seasons. She also directed the NYJTL’s 2021 Summer Rising program at Wagner Middle School on the Upper Eastside, as well as the Community Tennis Program at the site.

Joyce is a PTR Certified Tennis Professional, having achieved this distinction for teaching students at every age, as well as for children 8 and under, and for adaptive learners. She has run tennis carnivals throughout NYC for the Special Needs children in the DOE’s District 75. She is also a retired USTA Official.

Joyce was the first woman to hold a trading position at Salomon Brothers, the premier bond trading firm at the time. Subsequently, she became the Global Director of Faculty for the New York Institute of Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Financial Times of London.

She is a New York State Certified Associate Real Estate Broker with R New York.