Elect Joyce Short….

NY State Democratic Committeewoman

76th AD

A vote for Joyce is a vote for:

  • Increased public safety!
  • Equal protection for all against sexual assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence!
  • Health, education, and nutrition supports for children!
  • Appropriate wellness and medical coverage for seniors!
  • Staunch human rights advocacy for residents of the 76th Assembly District!

About Joyce

Creating transformational reform in sexual assault, sex trafficking, and domestic violence laws!

Experienced leadership in developing healthy, active lifestyles for kids!

Walking the walk

Not just talking the talk!

Joyce has spent 30+ years bridging racial and economic divides for thousands of children while boosting their self esteem and character!

She brings professional finance, real estate, and athletics background, mixed with human rights advocacy, to the politics of New York!

Woman of Distinction Honoree by the New York State Assembly